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Maximum Advantage Roulette 


There is now a proven way you can use to make very high profits with lower risk than investing in stocks, starting a business or just about any other method of making money. You are about to discover how you can use a breakthrough new way of playing roulette that wins 97.75% of the time and has been called "infallible."

If you would like to make from $147 to $735 an hour in the most relaxed and pleasant way you can imagine, then the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy is for you!

On the next few pages I am going to show you the exact secrets behind a strategy that you can use to create a powerful, seemingly unbreakable, new source of income that is more reliable than any you have ever experienced.

If you are tired of wasting your time and efforts in a dead-end job or on trashy and worthless so-called "business opportunities" then this time sensitive special report is for you.


From: Martin J. Silverthorne
11:42 PM

If you are like my friends and associates, you have been struggling just to make an income high enough to support your standard of living.

Whether you have been job hopping, have tried any of hundreds of mostly discredited MLM schemes, have investigated mail order marketing (much harder and more expensive than it is represented), or have been searching for a failsafe way to make money on the Internet, I know you have been disappointed.

What's even worse is that you have been bombarded with so many "get-rich quick" schemes that are really so risky and difficult that you have probably become jaded and almost immune to a bona fide proven way to make money.

The scary part of trying to pick the "right way" to make money easily and safely is that you are in a race against time. Every minute that you lose either from indecision, procrastination, or just plain failure, is like taking another step backwards while a chosen few seem to rush on ahead.

You may not know me, but I sincerely hate the idea of you wasting another day, another week, or even another year of your life trying to increase your income using methods that are destined to fail. Regardless of how most of these ideas are presented, you have undoubtedly learned from experience that they are full of risk and even highly dangerous to your emotional and financial health.

I am about to reveal another way of making lots of money that is 100% proven to work yet is both fun and incredibly profitable. This is the same strategy that my associates and I use to make huge amounts of money with almost 100% chance of success and close to zero chance of failure.

I am talking about the dynamic new Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy.   This is a time-tested strategy that has been proven to . . .

  • Win $147 an hour making minimum bets in land-based casinos, hour after hour, day after day, week after profitable week.

  • Pull in profits as high as $735 an hour in unsuspecting Internet casinos that are just waiting to be soundly beaten by this strategy.

  • Win quickly time after time using a copyright protected "hit and run" strategy that is so effective that most online casinos can be beaten in 16 minutes or less.

  • Create powerful, predictable sources of income that are so reliable that one associate, John D., called this method the "ATM method - just punch in the right numbers and wait for the cash to appear."

And, that is just the beginning . . .

What I have waiting for you is like no other moneymaking method you have ever seen. It is a strategy that has been exhaustively tested and 100% proven to work. Almost unbelievably, it is documented to win a record breaking 97.75% of the time.

Furthermore, it is so reliable that I can tell you when you use it, you will make an average return of 30% per hour on the money you risk in any real casino.

What's more, if you play in the faster and even more profitable online casinos, you will more than double your hourly win rate.

In fact, after you work your way up to making $25 wagers, you can make predictable profits of $735 an hour!

Please read on -   I am about to prove to you that these are not unfounded claims or numbers I pulled out of the air to impress you. I will share with you uncontestable documentation and proof that my colleagues and I are winning these amounts even as you read this, hour after hour, day after day, week after week.

What's more, I will show you how you can join me and set up your own reliable ATM-like money flow in a manner that is easy and even pleasant.

I could go on and on. But, here’s the critical point I want to make -

It doesn’t matter how old you are, your background, educational level, job or profession.   Men, women, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and Seasoned Citizens can succeed beyond their wildest dreams using Maximum Advantage Roulette.

"The Secret is in the Details"

I have been gambling in casinos since 1980 when I learned to shoot craps. Since then I have learned to play just about every casino game. 

I have experienced the thrill of winning over $9,000 in a single craps session.

I have beaten the blackjack game, both with card counting (now almost impossible to use) and by using special betting progressions and careful loss control techniques.

I have played and won at roulette, video poker and even slot machines.

Throughout the years, if I have learned anything about gambling it is that there is No Magic Bet or Single Piece of Information That Will Make You a Winner.

Winning is a combination of astute money management, accurate bet selection, correct timing and lots of discipline. You are probably thinking, "Yeah, yeah, I have heard this stuff before. When is he going to get to the meat of it?"

Stay with me. We're almost there.

Most gambling strategies have some ideas about money management, different theories on how to bet, yet another set of rules for selecting tables and finally some almost magic way the author uses to somehow make this profitable.

Maximum Advantage Roulette is like nothing you have ever seen. Every detail of the strategy has been carefully developed, tested and then integrated into a tightly woven system that uses multiple tools that simply overwhelm the casino's built-in house edge. There is no magic elixir, just cold hard battle proven logic.

Let me explain . . .


The Power of the CRB Betting Strategy

Every gambling system, stock market investing system, winning poker strategy or successful business strategy uses some type of "betting strategy."

It can go by different names. For investing in the stock market, you've got dollar cost averaging, portfolio allocation theories or periodic portfolio balancing.

With business, you never hear the words "betting strategy" used, but with the sky-high failure rate of new businesses, businesses share much of the risk of gambling. With businesses, you get such procedures as cash management, budgeting, strategic planning, flexible budgeting and even a whole field of study called "operations research."

Gambling betting strategies have perhaps the most esoteric sounding names of all. You can flat bet, raise wagers after losses or increase the size of your bets after wins.. You can use some type of progression, generally falling into the groups of positive (raise bets when winning) and negative (raise bets after losses).

You may decide to use a Martingale or even a Mini-Martingale type of progression.

Want to increase the size of your wins? Try a Grand Martingale based betting progression.

Would you like to use a strategy that requires you to use paper and pencil to keep track of your wagers?  Try the Labouchere Betting Method or to chase long shots, a Reverse Labouchere Strategy.

Still not satisfied?  How about the D'Alembert betting scheme or why not use a Fibonacci progression to light up your life.

Whether you are playing the stock market, trying to run a business or wagering against the casino at the roulette wheel, you will end up using some system.  Even just guessing is a form of system!

Some systems are better than others. But the betting strategy employed by the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy is one of the most effective ever devised.

"This betting strategy is very powerful, yet unique in that it does not result in making wagers that are too large. It is
99% effective, easy to use and wins at an extraordinary rate. "


A totally unique system is used that was developed exclusively for this winning strategy. Instead of "borrowing" one of the old off-the-shelf systems, the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy uses a system custom tailored for winning at roulette.

It is not complicated, as you will make only one bet at a time.

It is not simplistic like the systems that require you to double up after losses or raise your wager by a fixed amount after winning.

It is a scientifically-based system that incorporates a perfected "ratchet principle" to adjust the size of your wagers by just the right amount.

Maybe the best way to describe it is to call it a betting strategy based on the Goldilocks principle. It is not too hot and not too cold, but just right.

Let me give you an example of how the Maximum Advantage Roulette System protects your bankroll. The Martingale System is one of the oldest around. It calls for doubling your wager after a loss and continuing to double your bet until you eventually win.

If you are wagering $5 and lose, your next bet will be doubled, for $10.  If you lose this bet also, you will lay out $20.  If you are unfortunate enough to lose this wager too, you will plop down $40 for your next wager.  The theory behind this system is that when you eventually win, you will recoup all of your losses plus win the amount of your original bet, $5.  Neat huh?

The problem is that if you have a string of losses, your wagers will get larger and larger. You will be required to risk more and more money on each bet until you reach the house limit and can no longer double your wager.

Here’s an example of a Martingale series - 5 10 20 40 80 160 320 640 . If we assume that the house betting limits are $5 to $1,000, then this is as far as we can go. If we lose the $640 bet, we would be required to wager $1,280 next. If we start to make this bet, the dealer will admonish us, "No more than $1,000, please."

We are defeated. Even with a $2,000 house limit, we can only raise our wager one more time. If we bet $1,280 and lose, our next wager would be for $2,560. Once again the dealer will refuse our wager as it exceeds the house limit.

Besides not being allowed to wager $2,560, we must also stop at this point and question the logic of a system that requires us to risk $2,560 to win the grand sum of $5. Put this way, the Martingale System doesn't seem very smart, does it?

With Martingale, you assume too much risk relative to the final payoff. What if I told you that there is a way to bet that wins at a very high rate, yet has very low risk.

The Controlled Risk Betting Strategy or CRB Strategy is the one used in the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy.  It is like no other strategy ever created.

When you use it, you will win a very high percentage of the time. In fact, when you couple it with the rest of the principles used in this system, you will win 97.75% of the time.  This is a very high win rate, yet, amazingly, it is done with low risk.

Let's take a look at two $5 betters. Mr. A. uses the Martingale "double-up" strategy. Mr. B. chooses the CRB Strategy.

Unfortunately, neither player is very lucky today and they each lose eight consecutive bets. Mr. A. has now lost $1,275 and will be called on to wager $1,280 next.

Mr. B. also has a loss, but it is only for $120. His next bet will be for $15.

First, I want you to notice that while losing eight consecutive bets is close to a disaster for Mr. A., it is only a minor setback for Mr. B.  While Mr. B. is also in the hole, his loss of $120 is less than 1/10th the size of Mr. A.'s.  Furthermore, Mr. A. has just hit the wall with his betting and cannot increase the size of his wagers any more because of house limits. He is stuck with a $1,275 loss with no way to recoup it.

Mr. B.'s next wager of $15 is well under the maximum bet and the odds are very great that Mr. B. will not only recoup his $120 loss with a few more bets, but win the contest by making a few more astutely timed wagers.


The CRB Strategy gives the player the power to win large amounts at an amazingly high rate.

Using the CRB Betting Strategy, a typical $5 bettor will win $147 an hour in a land-based casino and more than double that in an online casino. I don't know about you, but I am absolutely thrilled to be able to risk a very small amount of money and be able to win $300 an hour playing online with $5-based wagers.

If you decide you want to win more, you can start with $10 wagers or even work your way up, using casino winnings, to $25 wagers.

The documented win rate for Maximum Advantage Roulette, using $25 wagers, is $735 an hour.  As an old blonde dealer working in a decrepit sawdust joint casino once told me, "Honey, you're talking my language." 

Before I forget, you're probably wondering how much you will have to risk to win from $147 to over $300 an hour making $5 bets. Have you got $100? I actually recommend that you use $150 because I am very conservative, but $100 is all you really need to start winning very respectable amounts.

In fact, you might be tempted to run out and start your new career once I reveal the full CRB Strategy. But you would only be partially armed.

You see, the full Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy also uses a unique way of determining where you bet that has an unprecedented success rate.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Place Your Bets

The flip side of the powerful CRB Strategy is knowing where to place your bets. Remember, with this strategy you make only one bet at a time.

The question becomes, "Where do you place it?"

Someone totally confused might say -

"Gee, I dunno, maybe I ought to flip a coin."

A mathematically inclined type might pull out a long sheet of paper, showing a record of roulette spins and use some complex algorithm to determine his next wager.

Yet, both would be using lousy approaches to select their wagers. There is a better way that doesn't require any kind of extensive analysis, but will beat any of the math-based approaches out there.

Our confused friend who suggests flipping a coin will be 100% delighted with this approach.

The mathematics-oriented type will love it for its simple elegance, and the more straightforward bettor will love its ease of use.

"Adaptive Pattern Betting is the best way I have ever seen to 'automatically' determine where to make every bet in a way that is easy to learn, easy to use and yet offers
'killer' performance."


Most betting strategies are very simplistic. You can pick one spot and continue to play, since, as one math-smart and casino-dumb expert observed, "Picking your bet has no effect on the outcome of any game with independent trials. One guess is as good as the other."

If you believe this, then you have been brainwashed into behaving in a way that the casino bosses love.


Picking when and where you bet may be the greatest determinate of your success or failure.

Most gamblers and even college professors who write books on the subject, don't have a clue as to how to go about selecting a bet.

Fortunately, the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy uses a method that works smoothly and automatically to tell you exactly where to make each bet.

The Adaptive Pattern Betting Method (APB Method) is a time-tested way to automatically place each wager with a high level of confidence.

Most betting methods use some type of fixed formula, like "bet the same as the previous decision or pick one side and continue to bet it."

If you have used either one of these approaches you probably have some great stories to tell about playing and then eventually losing.

The APB Method is not like anything you have ever experienced. It does not use any type of fixed formula to pick your bets.

It you have ever observed roulette wheel spins, craps table decisions, blackjack plays or even coin flips, you may have become dismayed in trying to find any kind of pattern to the outcomes. Most people are and that's why they basically give up when it comes to developing any king of bet selection method that can actually adapt to changing patterns and outcome in real life play.

That's why nearly every bet selection method has been doomed to failure until now.  When you use some kind of predefined way of making your bets, sooner or later the table will zig when you zag and do this enough times that you will lose.

The only hope of success is to use some kind of betting strategy that can actually change or adapt to table changes.

That's where the APB Method proves its worth. It incorporates a proven adaptive system that automatically changes your bet selection as table conditions change.

Instead of helplessly placing losing wager after losing wager using the typical way of placing bets, you will quickly adapt your bets to changing playing conditions.

This approach works so well, that when you combine it with the CRB Betting Strategy, your losses are reduced to a measly 2.25% of your games.

You've now heard about how you can win high amounts with low risk and a small investment. But you're probably wondering how much time you will have to spend doing this.  After all, "time is money."


The Power of "Hit and Run Gambling"

Some strategies might be winners but they require that you play too long. Card counters in blackjack are a good example of players who will sit at the same table, even through losing streaks lasting hours, without daring to move. It's almost as if they have become glued to their seats.

Unfortunately, this is not the best way to win at blackjack, roulette or any other gambling game.

The smart money will back the hit and run player every time.

Let me tell you more about this style of play.

A "hit and run gambler" will not tolerate any type of losing situation very long. If he is not winning, he will take a powder. Many times, this results in taking many small losses with an occasional large win.

While this can be a winning approach, it is too tedious for me. Quite frankly, I don't like having losses even "strings of small losses."

Fortunately there is a way of combining the logic of hit and run gambling without having to live with losing most of the time.

You will remember that I told you how effective the CRP Betting Strategy is. When you combine it with the APB Bet Selection Method you will win 97.75% of the time.

Now, I want to add one more piece of information that I know you will love . . . 


It won't take you very long to win a game.

If you play in land-based casinos, you will usually spend from 25 to 35 minutes per game. By game I mean from the time you convert your cash to chips until you push your chips toward the dealer and ask for color, signaling that you are ready to leave.

It you play in a much faster online casino, a typical session at the table will last from 8 to 12 minutes.

This is a good example of hit and run gambling. Each game is so quick that you never become bogged down in some marathon-like contest that lasts for hours.

However, I want to point out a critical difference between the typical hit and run gambler and the Maximum Advantage Roulette player.

Most hit and run gamblers quickly change tables because of small losses. In other words, they choose to leave because they are losing money and they want to limit their losses.

A Maximum Advantage Roulette player also plays short sessions. But here's the important advantage he or she enjoys. 

Maximum Advantage Players leave tables quickly because they have already beaten the house and they are using predefined departure rules to leave with winnings in hand.

There is a huge difference between leaving a table with a small loss, and leaving after locking up a win.

Now, you can get some real insight into how our Maximum Advantage Roulette players operate. Using this strategy, they combine a series of rapid wins to amass large winnings in a very short period of time.


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A Day in the Life of a Maximum Advantage Roulette Player

Most gamblers are not very relaxed when they are in a casino. If you ever engage in a little people watching in a casino, you will notice that most casino patrons are not very happy.

The players I see do not look at all like the smiling people pictured in ads for casinos. In fact, most of them look kind of grumpy and unhappy.

If you catch them early enough, you might see an occasional smile. But after an hour or two or a day or two, the smiles turn downwards and start to look more like grimaces.

The reason behind this is quite simple. They arrived with high expectations of winning (psychologists tell us that most players expect to win regardless of their previous bad experiences). Now, grim reality has set in. Their sunny expectations have been replaced by the sad truth that they are doomed to lose again.

If a person has been playing non-stop for hours, you might even witness blood shot eyes in addition to the drooping jowls.

Now, let's take a look at a Maximum Advantage Roulette player. This person will be relaxed and will most likely exude confidence.

He or she will seldom be in a hurry or look harried in the least. This player looks like he has all the time in the world to play and is not jumping to the casino's beat.

A Maximum Advantage Roulette Player will calmly stroll over to a roulette table and, if there is room, confidently take a seat and exchange his cash for chips.

He may concentrate for a few minutes while using the strategy to its full advantage. Soon, more chips will accumulate on his side of the table. After about twenty or twenty five minutes our Maximum Advantage player will count his chips and ask the dealer to change them for larger chips.

He will then leave the table. He might head for the coffee shop or just stroll around the casino, seeing if anyone else has a winner's look.

If it is early in the day, he will probably be back in a few minutes and repeat the experience. If he is in a location with lots of casinos within a short distance, he may decide to move to the next casino and play there for a while.

If it is later in the day, or our player is ready for a break, he may decide that no more play is needed.

If you've already decided to order this powerful complete course and toolkit, click here now and I'll even throw in Five Big Bonuses Worth $200.00!

You get a full year to try it out at my risk. If the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy somehow fails you,  just send me an e-mail and I'll make sure that you are refunded every penny you paid - promptly and courteously!

However, if you are still not convinced, and you'd like to read more about how others have done using this system, just keep reading . . .

A smart way to play is to set daily goals and then quit playing as soon as the goal is hit.

Play for the Maximum Advantage Roulette Player playing at home will be even more relaxed.  Many days I will get in a short game or two before supper, then play one more game before going to bed. If I feel sharp when I first rise, I may knock down a game while sipping my first cup of coffee.

Because everything is done automatically, the Maximum Advantage Roulette player is probably the most relaxed player in a casino. Or if he is playing on his home computer, he may well be sipping a soothing cocktail while playing or dipping chips into a spicy dip between virtual wheel spins.

There is no reason to ever become agitated using this strategy. While the occasional loss can be irritating, it is so rare and so small that it is no more than a minor disturbance. Let me be even more specific about this.


You Need Never Fear Losing With This Strategy. Losses Are No More Than Tiny Bumps on Your Highway to Success

I don't know about you, but I really hate to lose.  I mean really hate it. I think a lot of people share this trait.  Unfortunately playing with lousy systems or no system at all, they are stuck with a seemingly never-ending series of losing games.

One of the things you will like best about using this strategy is the low loss rate.  Using special techniques to protect your bankroll, your risk of a "series loss" is reduced to a chance of one loss in every 44 or 45 games.

Here's a really important point. Unlike some systems, like Martingale for instance, which have large losses, the Maximum Advantage Roulette's losses are small.

In fact, it usually takes only one to one and one-half games to recoup the amount of a losing game. This is incredible playing power to bring to bear against the casinos!


When You Use the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy You Will Win Steadily, Game After Game

Let me show you what steady winning can mean for you.  The following table shows the results of playing 10 games using $5 as the basic betting unit.

While I actually played these games in a land-based casinos, I estimated the time it would have taken if I had played the game online.

For instance, my first game lasted 28 minutes in a brick and mortar casino. 

If I had played this game online, I would have wrapped it up in about 9 minutes.


Time in Land-based Casino

Time in Online Casino

Amount Won or Lost

Total Won


28 minutes

9 minutes




28 minutes

9 minutes




22 minutes

7 minutes




27 minutes

9 minutes




59 minutes

20 minutes




24 minutes

8 minutes




18 minutes

6 minutes




29 minutes

10 minutes




14 minutes

5 minutes




22 minutes

7 minutes




271 minutes
(4.5 hours)

90 minutes
(1.5 hours)




I particularly wanted to show you this series of games because they include a losing game.  I lost game #5.  Please note that my loss was not particularly large and that I recouped more than the amount of my loss in the following game.

Now, here's something really important. You can get started playing at this level of play with $150. If you had played these games in a real casino, you would have won $437 in 4 1/2 hours, which averages out to be $97.11 an hour.  

I played these games at fairly slow crowded tables, and if you had played them at faster tables, you probably could have finished them in 3 hours which would give you an hourly winning rate of $145.67.

Please stay with me a minute because I am going to give you some very important information. With its faster rate of play, I could have finished these games online in about one-third the time that it took me in a real casino. When you play online, there are no other players and since you will only be making one bet at a time, you will play very rapidly.

If you had played these same games online, you would have made $437 in an hour and a half.  This works out to an hourly win rate of $291.33!

These are phenomenal amounts, especially considering that you are only risking $150!


Let's Compare Using the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategies With Other Options You May Have . . .

I realize that you have lots of choices in ways to make extra money. For example -

  • You can take on an additional part-time job.

  • You can start an Internet business that brings in oodles of money.

  • Maybe, you would like to set up a home office and start selling some type of product from home.

  • Or become an affiliate of some successful web sites and start promoting online products.

  • Or, if you have from $25,000 to $750,000 sitting around, you can buy a franchise.

Each of these options will cost you a lot of time and money and each can still fail.

Imagine how you would feel if you spent your life savings on a franchise that then folded?

While getting another job may not entail much risk, do you really want to spend another 20 to 30 hours a week working for another boss doing something you hate?

Several of these options not only entail substantial time and money investments but may require that you obtain additional training and education before you can even qualify.

"There is no such thing as a free lunch." 

So let's take a hard look at what you will face if you decide to become a Maximum Advantage Roulette entrepreneur.

The first thing you will note is that it won't cost you much. In fact, the cost of starting and winning with this strategy is less than the cost of an evening for two on the town.

It is hard to compute just how much it might cost you to set up a business enterprise. If you work from home, require no additional training, and are very, very talented, you might get by with investing from $25,000 to $50,000 for a startup business.

While we are "comparing" I want you to think about a couple of other things.

Are you ready to start managing other people? Unless you are prepared to work 80 hours a week and try to do everything yourself, it is fact of life that you will need to find, hire and train employees to be successful in your own business.

What about financing? Do you know where to set up lines of credit or lease expensive equipment and office furnishings?

Here's a question most people never think about until they are in over their heads in a new business venture.

Are you willing to risk everything you own? Almost every source of business financing will require a personal guarantee from you.  If for some reason your new business fails, you could end of up losing your cash, your home and your livelihood, not to mention your reputation.

Let me show you a better way. . .


Why Not Get Rich in The Dark?

You probably have gotten the wrong idea about professional gamblers from the media.  My friends and I are not a bunch of desperados.  We don't spend all of our time in casinos.  We have families, friends, homes and lots of other interests.

We don't risk everything on a turn of the card or the spin of a wheel. And we don't broadcast how we make lots of money.

I personally believe that what I do when I am in a casino is nobody's business. If someone outside of my inner circle asks how I did on a trip to Las Vegas, I usually say "I broke even."

Here's the real beauty of using the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy -


No One Has to Know About Your New Source of Wealth.

Let me tell you a few more advantages when you use this strategy as your personal wealth builder-

  • It won't take much of an investment. As I have mentioned, you can get started for $100 ($150 recommended).

  • It won't take much of your time. You can use this strategy just to pay for vacations. If you prefer, you can play a couple of hours a week online. Or, if you like, you can invest 20 hours a week and make $5,000 or more a week.

  • Being a successful Maximum Advantage Roulette Player doesn't require any special training.  I have prepared a very special course and toolkit that will give you all the information you need to get started instantly.

  • You won't have to buy something else to get started. I don't know about you, but I hate buying things that promise me the world, only to find out that I have to buy something else that is much more expensive to really get started. I would not do that to you.  What you will receive is totally complete.

  • You won't have to do something else before you can get started.  This is another thing I hate. Suppose you wanted to make money online. First, you find out that you have to have a web site. Then you have to find a web host. Next you need to either find someone to do your web site or buy some software and learn how to do it yourself. And, you are still not there. You better learn how to advertise your site. As you get sucked into something like this, the list gets longer and longer. Remember, your original objective was to make some money. Instead of making money, you end up spending more and more time and money with no end in site. With the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy, you will have everything you need (other than the hundred fifty bucks playing money) to get started. I call it a "no muss, no fuss" way to become an entrepreneur.

  • You don't have to find and hire outside experts.  It seems like every aspect of our lives involves relying on someone else to fix some complicated thing that we own that we cannot fix ourselves. Right now, I have to take my Suburban SUV into the dealer.  I really hate going to the dealer, but I am stuck because I don't know how or care to learn how to fix it myself and my warranty requires that I go to the dealer. So I am forced to do something I hate, because I don't have other options. With Maximum Advantage Roulette, you don't need anyone else to help you, advise you or to fix anything.


What Do You Get If You Decide to Try Out the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy?

The course I have put together for your exclusive use is absolutely complete. What's more, if you decide to claim your copy, you can download this information in the next five minutes and be winning money by tomorrow morning.

You can feel confident that what you will get with this course is exactly like what I have told you about in this special report. After following the step-by-step instructions, you will be able to start winning so consistently that you wonder what you did before you got this information.

You will also become part of a small group of friends and associates who know how to use this system. Even though I have decided to let a few more people like you in on this strategy, I am strictly controlling how many copies will be released.

This course will only be released through this web site. That way, we can control how many copies are distributed. When you grab your copy you can be certain that you will be only one of a few persons trusted and privileged to have this powerful information.


Look:   The reason most people fail is because they don't know where to start or exactly what to do once they decide to try something new.  That's why I have organized this course into a clear step-by-step guide and toolkit that is proven to work.

While this information will appeal to seasoned gamblers who know how hard it is to win, it is perfect for beginners too.

It doesn't matter if you have never stepped foot in a casino, and the only roulette wheels you have seen are in old James Bond movies. You will be able to quickly and easily learn the exact steps you will take to jump onboard this phenomenal profit maker.

Not only is this course complete, you don't need any special training or background to become very successful using this strategy.

  • You don't need to know beans about gambling.

  • Your age is not a factor (except that I don't recommend underage gambling).

  • Your sex is not an issue. This strategy is perfect for men and woman.

  • Your educational level will not be a factor.  We have medical doctors, CPAs and lawyers in our group of winners. But we also have persons who never finished high school, plumbers electricians and a house painter.

To succeed with this system all you need to do is download your copy of the course, follow the step-by-step examples, practice playing some and then set up your own new business as a Roulette Entrepreneur.

You certainly don't have to tell anyone what you are doing. My philosophy is that how much money I make and where I make it is nobody else's business. My associates and I share information with each other because it helps us to compare notes and learn about any new techniques or methods.

Once you decide to learn how to use this special moneymaker, I highly recommend that you do it quietly and steadily.


Picture This:  It's three months from today and you've made over $15,000 in your learning phase. You have spent $7,500 of your winnings rewarding yourself.   Wisely, you reinvested the rest of your profits so that now you can increase your hourly win rate (I'll show you exactly how to do this).

You have now settled into a routine. You play online three nights a week for an hour or two at a time. Once a month, you take a short drive to the nearest casino and play for a day. 

Your total time commitment is much less than you might have spent watching worthless TV programs, surfing the Internet looking for elusive profitable opportunities or just "wasting time."

Instead of frittering your precious leisure time away, you have found a fascinating and incredibly profitable new way to spend some extra time. You spend it bringing in $18,000 to $20,000 a month in the most pleasurable way possible - Taking Money From Casinos That Don't Know How to React to a Trained Professional Like Yourself!

Now, stop and think back to today and consider your options.

You can close this web page right now and never have the chance to become a Roulette Entrepreneur.

You can search for the perfect MLM opportunity or try making money with a web site.

Most MLM programs only make money for the persons who start them and marketing on the Internet is like marketing anywhere else. Regardless of what you have heard, it requires lots of time and money to make any money at all marketing online.

You can easily flounder around for years trying and failing at different systems or so-called opportunities.

Another option to consider is buying a franchise. If you have the money, the time, and can handle the risk of possibly losing everything you have, then you may want to consider this route.


However, Your Best Option May Be the One You Are Reading About Right Now!

The Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy is undoubtedly the safest and least expensive of the alternatives facing you.  What's more, you can even try it for a Free Trial with zero risk.


Grab These Super Bonuses When You Try Out This Complete Course and Toolkit 100% Risk Free!

Gift #1 "How to Pick An Online Casino (a $40.00 value)  Are you confused about what's important in picking an online casinos?  Most Internet sites recommending online casinos are at best suspect because they are affiliated with the very casinos they are recommending!  Here's an unbiased view that covers all the important matters in choosing an online casino-

  • You'll learn about casino software and payment processing.

  • You'll discover how to pick up "Free Money" from Match Bonuses and even Free Bonuses.

  • You'll discover what to look for in customer support and casino games that are offered.

  • You'll become an "instant expert" on the different deposit and withdrawal option available.

  • You'll learn about online cash programs (many of them pay you cash) and what to look for.

Gift # 2 Gamble For Free! (a $40.00 Value). This fact-filled book reveals the latest on getting casinos to literally shower you with comps. Here's just some of the information packed into this 132 page blockbuster -

  • You'll learn a complete system for getting Free Rooms, Free Food and Beverages and even Free Air Fare. There is nothing else like it!

  • You'll find out where to get Free Limousine Service. You can get this even if you are a small bettor and don't know a thing about Las Vegas.

  • You'll discover how to become a rated player with your own VIP casino card.

  • You'll know how to use a fairly small amount of "front money" to guarantee that you will always get a Free Room, Free Food and Free Drinks!

  • You'll learn a little known secret about how you can always get a room even if hotel reservations says they are sold out. And, you can get the room at a substantial discount or even for Free!

  • You'll discover how to get Full VIP Treatment in any casino.

  • You'll find a step-by-step plan you can use to get casinos to invite you to stay for Free- Month After Month!

  • You'll learn how you can avoid having your cash transactions reported to the U.S. Government (this is really important to maintain your privacy).

  • You'll receive complete guidance on how to report (or not report) your winnings to the IRS.

  • You'll even get complete details on my number one favorite casino in Las Vegas. This casino is a deluxe luxury casino that is offering an mouth watering special for small players. They will give you every comp you can imagine, starting with picking you up in a limousine at the airport. Yet their requirements for casino play are very modest. This property is my favorite location to pull out cash in bundles. Yet they still keep inviting me back and they will you too!

  • You'll get complete insider information on Atlantic City and Las Vegas Slot Clubs.

  • You'll learn the number one casino in Las Vegas for nickel slot players. Here you will get tremendous freebies even if you have a midget bankroll.

  • You'll get my "secret list" of the best Las Vegas casinos for slot players.

  • You'll know the best casinos for quarter slot machine players.

  • You'll discover where to get the best value if you are a dollar slot machine player.


Gift # 3 -   The Best Online Casinos! (a $40.00 Value).  Have you wanted to try your luck in an Internet casino, but been reluctant for fear that you might be ripped off?    You can find recommendations in hundreds of online sites and most of these recommendations are worthless because the web sites recommending the casinos are affiliates of the casinos.  

They never disclose this information, because if they did, visitors would immediately be on guard.  What's worse is that these affiliates are paid commissions based on how much gamblers they refer end up losing while playing.  Quite frankly, I think this really stinks.  So I did my own research to find the very best online casinos.  I'll state upfront that I am not affiliated with any of the casinos we recommend.  In fact, many of the online casinos don't care much for me because I actually reveal legitimate ways of winning online.

So, with my recommendations, you actually get the real information you need to safely play online - the very best online casinos.  This report has been called "worth its weight in gold."  One person told me that he would have saved at least $10,000 if he had had this report before he started playing online.  It is yours to use and keep when you order the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy!


Gift # 4 - Secrets of Slot Pros - This is a $40 value that is my gift to you - no strings attached! You'll learn -

  • Where casino bosses place the loosest slot machines.

  • How to turn slot machine play into a regular source of income!

  • How to play "jackpot" machines and win thousands - safely and easily!

  • A tested and proven winning strategy you can use to put money in your pocket every time you use it!

  • A special "lock-up" strategy that will keep you in the winner's column.

Special Bonus Gift -  The Best Online Roulette Games!  

I just put together an extraordinary report called The Best Online Roulette Games.  This report reveals the best of the best online casinos offering roulette.   Not long ago I played in these same casinos  and picked up an extra $10,877.  I know you will find this information worth its weigh in gold!

These are the safest online casinos, offering first rate support as well as the fairest and most beatable games around.  I am talking about 100% safe and reliable casinos that offer -

  • Single zero roulette wheels with the lowest odds available (1.35%).

  • Terrific betting limits from as low as $1 to as high as $6,000 wagers.

  • Outstanding customer service with excellent payout histories.

Grab this report now .  It will become your indispensable guide to playing online!



Extra Bonus E-book

How to Play Roulette

 Professionally and

Make $250,000 a Year!

This is the impossible to find information you have been hoping and searching for.

Learn exactly how you can safely and consistently make $250,000 or more a year beating the game the experts said couldn’t be beaten.

This fantastic e-book is filled with true insider knowledge you won't find anywhere else.

You'll get -

  • A proven plan you can use to build your bankroll from $300 to over $100,000!

  • The exact steps you can use to go from zero winnings to over $3,000 a day!

  • Complete easy-to-follow examples revealing why this strategy will work for you too!


This Bonus Book can be downloaded in the next five minutes.  To grab it, Just Try the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy for a Risk-Free Trial.  Just Click Here to get started!


As soon as you order your own Maximum Advantage Roulette Course and Toolkit, you will be given a special link so that you can immediately download the course and toolkit and all of these valuable bonuses.



So, How Much is This Super Course Going to Cost Me?

Developing the Maximum Advantage Roulette Course and Toolkit really happened in stages.

First, we decided to pull together all of our testing and observations into a notebook that my colleagues and I could share. This was critical, because it gave us a way to include our own experiences and the results of our play and share it with a group of like-minded colleagues.

This notebook eventually became the complete course and toolkit that is now available to you. Our next decision was to make this information available to a small number of outsiders.

Some opposed sharing this information with anyone else.

Others were in favor of releasing some copies of the course, but only at a very high price.

One suggestion was that $2,500 was about right for this information.

One extreme opinion was - "Look, it took me years to learn how to make jewelry and I never made much money from it. Our roulette system makes fabulous money. Why not let just 50 to 100 more in on it, but at a high price. I think $5,000 is the minimum price we should charge."

I proposed opening up the system to a select few - "I think we should give the newcomers a break. Think about yourselves and how this system has changed our lives. I don't think we should give it away, but why not let a couple of thousand people in on it."

Eventually, we argued our way to a decision.

We decided to offer 2,500 manuals at a price of $99.97 each. Everyone agreed that this was a good compromise. Most importantly, because there are now so many roulette games, we didn't feel adding this many new "associates" would hurt our ability to continue to make "continuous cash withdrawals" from the casinos.


SPECIAL UPDATE:   I have decided to conduct a special test that will really benefit you.  If you order in the next ten days, you can grab the complete Maximum Advantage Roulette Toolkit for only $49.97!


You get a full year to try out this dynamic strategy at my risk. If the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy somehow fails you, just send me an e-mail and I'll make sure that you are refunded every penny you paid - promptly and courteously!

Martin J. Silverthorne

Silverthorne Publications, Inc.

Now its decision time.  You're probably thinking, "Do I really want to take a chance on this strategy?  Is it really right for me?"

Let me help you make your decision. I am not really asking you to take much risk to try this out.  I think my guarantee pretty much covers your downside in trying out this strategy.  Your only risk is the time it will take you to download the information I have waiting for you and to take a look at it.

I honestly don't know if this is right for you.  If you have read about my colleagues, you know that age, sex and background have zero bearing on whether you can be successful with this strategy. But only you can reach inside yourself and decide whether you really want to make the effort to learn a method that can return outrageous profits.

I can tell you that experience gambling in casinos will make almost no difference in how well you may do.  In fact, I think that if you know very little about gambling, you will probably do better because you will be more open to learning about how you really can win consistently with very low risk.

What it may really boil down to is open mindedness.  Are you open minded enough to explore this unusual opportunity first hand and then make up your mind?

I do know that if you answer "Yes" to this question and decide to act right now, we still have a small number of Maximum Advantage Roulette Courses and Complete Toolkits available at the special reduced price.

If you decide to "risk" a couple of hours of your time, you can easily be on a new path to earning huge amounts of money in a way that is fun, not very complicated, doesn't take much money to get started and is very profitable!


You Can Easily Pay Yourself Back for Your Time and Investment by Tomorrow Night!

I want to ask you a critical question. Why waste your time, efforts and your hard-earned money on a dead-end job or some unproven business opportunity or MLM scheme? For the cost of a movie date for two you can own the same cutting-edge strategy that one pleased user calls his "life preserver."

You can be absorbing this powerful knowledge five minutes from now. You will receive the same hard won step-by-step plan that my friends and I use to keep tons of cash flowing in.

The choice is now yours. You can spend years surfing the net every other night looking for the next huge opportunity.

You can wish that you had bought Microsoft stock in 1988 instead of wasting your money on something else that has long since worn out and been discarded.

You can keep searching for that unique chance at financial freedom that may never come.

Or you can act now and grab something that is real and proven.

If you sincerely want to make a large amount of money and are willing to invest a little time and almost no money, then this plan may be right for you.


Here is a thought I want to share with you -

"I only wish I had known about this strategy thirty years ago. My life would have been so much easier."


Don't bookmark this page and wait to come back to it. Chances are if you do, this opportunity will be closed by the time you remember to come back.

Some things are worth acting on immediately. This is one of them. To nail down your own Free Trial of what has been called the "infallible strategy" just Click Here.

I look forward to hearing about your wins.


Warmest regards,

Martin J. Silverthorne

P.S. Still not sure about this offer? Please consider this. The Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy really does give you a "maximum advantage" over the roulette game. Thousands of hours of play have confirmed that our players really do consistently win in both real and virtual casinos. 

I recently conducted  a very interesting experiment.  I decided to see just how well I could do if I started with a minimum bankroll and reinvested all of my profits in my gambling bankroll.

Do you want to know what I found? Starting with only $300, in 36 hours I increased my bankroll to a little over $12,000.


P.P.S.  Still pondering this decision? I understand. If I were thinking about this, my biggest concern would be my time. I just wouldn't want to waste it on something that wasn't real and profitable.

The information you can download right now is set up to minimize your time investment. While I provide you with quite a lot of background information, you don't have to spend a minute on it if you are in a hurry.

You can turn to page 132 of the course and learn how to immediately put this system to work.  Even if you are extremely cautious, you can be winning in the next day or two in either your favorite land-based casino or on the Internet. But please remember -

This is a limited offer at a temporarily reduced price of $49.97.  If you don't act now, you may permanently lose the chance to become a Maximum Advantage Roulette player. Click Here Right Now to instantly download your personal copy of the complete course and toolkit.




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